The Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant is the exclusive caterer for events in the Agave Room.  We are a full-service facility featuring fresh and delicious Tex–Mex cuisine, along with a complete bar service, together with total event planning and execution.  Our staff boasts many years in the catering and special event industry and share immense talent and experience.

Catering services are designed to fit all tastes and budgets.  From hors d’oeuvres to a hearty meal, the same attention to detail is given to flavor, temperature, texture and presentation.


Buffet packages include chips & salsa, iced tea.  Per person pricing does not include alcoholic beverages, tax, or 20% gratuity.

Food & beverage minimums apply.

Signature Fajita Buffet  $27 per person
Includes “The Works”

grilled steak, grilled chicken, grilled veggies, black beans, Spanish rice, pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream, jack, cheddar, ranchero, green chile, handmade flour tortillas (corn upon request).
Chips and salsa

Burrito Buffet  $21 per person

choice of two proteins:  grilled steak, sautéed chicken, braised pork

black beans, Spanish rice, jack, cheddar, sour cream, green chile & ranchero sauce, lettuce, tomato, handmade flour tortillas
(corn upon request)
Chips and salsa

guacamole +$4 per person
chile con queso  +$3 per person
Rio salad  +$3 per person
empanadas +$4 per person
quesadillas  +$4
 per person


The following items are available to
add to your selected buffet package,
with per person pricing.

shrimp saute  +$6 per person
(butter & garlice, diabla, or tequila lime)
crab & shrimp enchiladas  +$6 per person
steak enchiladas  +$4 per person
chicken enchiladas  +$4 per person
spinach enchiladas  +$4 per person
cheese & onion enchiladas  +$4 per person

Cocktail / Appetizer Buffet 
Chips, salsa, pico de gallo, sour cream included

choose five – $21.50 per person

choose four – $19.50 per person

choose three – $16.50 per person

~ guacamole
~ chile con queso
~ chicken flautitas
~ combo empanadas (chicken & spinach)
~ combo quesadillas (steak, chicken, or veggie)
tamales (veggie or pork)
~ veggie platter with house-made poblano ranch
~ shrimp saute or shrimp diabla (+$4 per person)
~ ceviche (+$2
 per person)
build your own taco (choose one OR
choose three to create a taco buffet)

protein choices:  smoked chicken, steak, pork, grilled chicken


SOPAPILLAS  $3 per person

tortilla dough, lightly fried & puffy w/ cinnamon & sugar, served with honey


Children under ten ~ $10 off buffet prices
Children under three are free

Please let us know of any vegetarian, gluten free or other dietary needs and we will  provide detailed information on options.


Rio Grande Margarita  $7
The perfect mixture of tequila, salt and lime makes the world a better place and it’s true ~ good things come in three.

Available on the rocks or frozen.
+ Try it Mango
+ Try it Strawberry
+ Try it Manberry

Mini-Margaritas  $3.50

Big Tex Margarita  $8
cuervo tradicional silver, orange liqueur, fresh citrus

Beer  $3-$5.50
bottles & draft, imports, microbrews, domestics
ask event coordinator to see selection

Wine  $6-$7
ask event coordinator to see selection

Fine Tequilas
ask event coordinator to see selection

Sodas  $2